The Heart Behind Legacy Foundations

I wish I had some sort of a playbook focusing on building a coaching business when I was just transitioning into Coaching. A few of my previous clients did too. 

Truth is, there's a wealth of information surrounding creating or starting a general product or service-based business, but there aren't many affordable or "within reach" resources that help persons to maneuver this unregulated industry. 

So, I decided to make it happen. I've created this programme to equip you with practical information that will help you to establish yourself as a solid Coach and empower you to lay the foundation for an amazing legacy.

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The Facts

At a glance, this is exactly what you're in for:

  • COHORT 1 DURATION: 24 Weeks (Start when you sign up)

  • GOAL: Creating a sustainable Coaching Business

  • WHO'S IT FOR: Coaches + Online Business Owners who want to become Coaches

  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Practical information and activities to help you completely build or fortify your Coaching Business


The proven framework for building a sustainable Coaching business

3Ps of The Legacy Builder

  • Packaging: Learning exactly how to establish your business and brand in a way that effectively makes use of your expertise and puts it together in a palatable way.

  • Procedure: Focusing on the client's journey to their transformation. Establishing how you will take them from point A to point B efficiently and at a certain standard.

  • Positioning: Actively working on reach and impact for your Business and Brand to support your sales strategy.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome + Pre-Thoughts

    • Full Programme Overview

    • Intro to The Module

    • Getting In Alignment With Your Relationships

    • What's Your Relationship With Money?

    • What's Your Relationship Like With Your Clients?

    • What's Your Relationship Like With Your Family?

    • What's The Relationship You've Got With YOU?

    • What's Your Relationship with Your Network?

  • 2

    Talking About The World Of Coaching

    • Welcome to the World of Coaching

    • Dealing With Rejection

    • Dealing With the Imposter Syndrome

    • Dealing With Acceptance + Love of Self

    • Establishing Boundaries

    • Establishing Yourself As The Business + The Brand

    • The Legacy Builder Framework

    • Envisioning Your Coaching Business

    • Preparing To Jump In

    • Book Your 1:1 Call With Me

  • 3

    Establishing Your Business Core

    • Identifying Your Mission + Vision

    • Deciding On Your Area(s) of Focus As A Coach

    • Establishing A Target Audience For Research Purposes

    • Research + Analysis

    • Assignment 1

    • Choosing Your Business Model

    • Assignment 2

    • Legal + Tax Compliance

    • Book Your 1:1 Call With Me

  • 4

    Developing Your Overall Brand

    • Dominating Digital Webinar: Building Your Personal Brand

    • Assignment 3

    • Choosing Your Communication Channels

    • Developing Your Own Brand Guide

    • Assignment 4

    • The Art of Building Your Credibility + Showcasing your Expertise

    • The Art of Expanding Your Reach + Impact

    • Book Your 1:1 Call With Me

  • 5

    Developing Your Offers

    • Establishing Your Unique Framework

    • Curriculum Development

    • Product Suites + Pricing

    • Active vs Passive Products

    • The Freebie

    • Low, Mid + High Ticket Breakdown

    • Developing A Low Ticket Offer

    • Developing A Mid-Ticket Offer

    • Developing A High-Ticket Offer

    • 1:1 Programme Fundamentals

    • Group Programme Fundamentals

    • Course Fundamentals

    • Hybrid Programme Fundamentals

    • The Signature Offer

    • Assignment 5

    • Book Your 1:1 Call With Me

  • 6

    Developing Your Systems

    • Tasks, Processes + Systems

    • The 5 Key Systems In Your Business

    • Client Management System

    • Financial Management System

    • Marketing System

    • Sales System

    • Logistics/Operations System

    • The Benefit Of Automation + Supporting Software

    • Choosing Your Platforms

    • Assignment 6

    • Book Your 1:1 Call With Me

  • 7

    Fortifying Your Digital Presence

    • Understanding The Power + Elements Of Your Digital Presence

    • Choosing Your Platforms

    • Copywriting

    • Your Website

    • Social Media

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • Email Marketing

    • Paid Advertising

    • Assignment 7

    • Book Your 1:1 Call With Me

  • 8

    Message Mapping + Content Development

    • What Is referred to as Messaging

    • Exploring Content Types

    • What Is A Message Map

    • Understanding The Customer Journey

    • Understanding Buyer Personalities

    • From Mapping to Content Development

    • Deciding On Post Frequency

    • Assignment 8

    • Book Your 1:1 Call With Me

  • 9

    Establishing Your Base Strategy

    • Let's Get One Thing Straight First

    • Rolling Enrollments/Evergreen Offers

    • Seasonal/ Launch-Specific Enrollment

    • Lead Nurturing

    • Lead Conversion

    • Lead Attraction

    • Lead Pre-Qualification

    • Final Assignment

  • 10

    Final Steps

    • What Was Your Journey Like?

    • Book Your Final 1:1 Call With Me to plan your next 90 days

    • Thank You!

Who REALLY will benefit?

This proramme is truly for you if:

  • You desire more reach and impact using your expertise

  • You want to serve and empower in a way that doesn't require you to trade too much time and energy for money

  • You want to increase your earning potential

  • You want to build a business that isn't heavily dependent on client approval, actions and timing

  • You want a business model that is scalable and allows for diversification and an exit plan

Your Coach

A small background on Charmian-Marie

Brand + Business Coach

Charmian-Marie Beedle

Charmian-Marie Beedle (Mrs.) is a Public Relations Specialist by profession who has chosen to empower Business Owners with knowledge of Communications and Business Development through her 9+ years of experience and qualifications. She has a passion for seeing and helping others to self-actualize so that they can reach their goals.